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A Beginner’s Guide for First Time Roulette Players

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Roulette may not look like an easy game for beginners. If you are a beginner, you may find a Roulette table completely intimidating. It contains numerous colors, numbers, and apparent impossibilities. That is why many people prefer to go for pressing buttons and watching reels spin on slot machines. If you are one among them, it can be said that you are having some misconceptions about the Roulette. At first glance, it may seem confusing. If you go a bit deeper, you can find it as a simple casino game to understand. The vital aspect to learn is to learn how to bet correctly.


You can come across different types of beginner’s guides for first time roulette players. It is almost impossible to find a perfect Roulette strategy on these guides. The fact of the matter is that there is no fool-proof method available that helps you win forever. It doesn’t mean that you cannot learn good strategies to bet in roulette successfully and improve your bankroll. There are some easy methods and tips that teach you how to play Roulette. This beginner’s guide for the first time roulette players offer practical information on how to play this game.

Playing roulette

Playing roulette

You don’t have to get confused about the appearance of roulette. Actually, the rules of this game are simple. A standard Roulette comprises of a spinning wheel, a ball spun by a croupier, and a betting table. Each player has different types of wager options available to choose from. In the beginning of each round, the wager must be place in chips on the Roulette table. Then, the croupier spins wheel using the Roulette ball in motion. The spinning is done in the opposite direction. In the end, the ball slows down and gets into a numbered pocket. You will be the winner if your wager is in complete match with the final destination of the ball. The ball is spun in each round and you can keep on playing.

How is the winning number chosen?

Choose winning numbers

You can find three variations of Roulette, namely French, European and American. As a player, you can have the freedom to place bet on a wide variety of ways. Some of the options include single or a range of numbers, odd or even, high (19–36) or low (1–18) numbers, and colors red or black. This game picks the winning number when the ball lands into a zero pocket or one of 36 numbered and colored pockets on the wheel.

Learn about inside bets and outside bets

Inside bets and outside bets

Inside and outside betting are two vital areas of roulette betting. For both these bets, the minimum bet for the table is the same except one difference. When you choose inside bets, the minimum bet can be spread out over a range of numbers. As far as outside betting is concerned, you have to make a bet equal the minimum.

Important tips for beginners to play and win consistently

Beginners to play and win consistently Roulette

You can eye the house edge to increase your winning chances. All beginners must learn how to manage their bankroll wisely. You may easily get tempted with the rewards of landing a 35:1 odd straight bet. This method involves a lot of risk because the odds are heavily against you. A loss limit must be set by all beginners. It is always advisable to keep emotions in check while playing roulette. If you keep a clam head on your shoulders, you can place bets wisely to increase your chances of winning.

As a beginner, you have to be mindful about some of the popular roulette strategies. The best strategies will make you a better player as you gain experience. The most popular ones are betting outside the table, Martingale system, three column betting, bond strategy, and alternative bets.

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