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Brisbane City VS Peninsula Power

Match Time:3/18/2020 17:30 Wednesday(GMT+8)

Match analysis:

Brisbane City's overall strength is average. Although it has no chance for championships, the past few seasons can be among the top six of league. From their offensive and defensive data, it is not difficult to find that this team's combat style is more aggressive. Although the offensive efficiency in the frontcourt is good, the decline in the backline is not solid. Last round in the game, they just lost to Eastern Suburbs Brisbane 2-4 and suffered the first defeat of the season. This round of competition is the key to Brisbane City to pursuit points and will inevitably have some psychological pressure.

Peninsula Power was able to advance to the playoffs in the third place in the regular season last season and is currently in the top four of the league. After all, in the new season, they are got three-game winning streak, and they won Magpies Crusaders with. At present, their only lost game was only lost to Gold Coast Knights. Judging from the data, both offensive efficiency and defensive quality, Peninsula Power better than home team.

Odd analysis:

In the league last season, Peninsula Power won the Brisbane City at home and away, and in total they got 7 times to kicked ball into goal in two games, but they only lost 2 goals. Even if this game of Peninsula Power is an away game, I believe there will be a larger psychological advantage. The handicap odd is Peninsula Power-0.5, medium-low return. So I think Peninsula Power can triumph easily in this game.

Brisbane City VS Peninsula Power

Pick:Peninsula Power

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