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Live Casino Online Experience vs Traditional Casino Experience

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Live online casino is in trend nowadays. Earlier, people used to enjoy traditional casino. Every form of casino is important and has its own benefits. Here in this guide, we have come up with detailed information about live casino online and traditional casino.

· Availability:

If you talk about traditional casino, then obviously you have to travel miles just to play your favourite game. There are some places where you can find land-based casinos in proximity, while in others places there are not enough venues to play casino.

Live Casino

Live Casino Online Experience can be better due to availability 24/7 and no need to travel anywhere to play a game of Baccarat. They are never closed for you, if you have internet connection. You can place a bet 24/7/365 and it enhances your betting experience.

· Choices of games:

Choices of Online live casino games

Traditional Casinos are well laid out, but they have lack of choices when it comes to games. Online live casinos offer you many game choices (more than traditional based casinos). The more options make your casino experience far better than traditional one. You can get an opportunity of dozens of slot games. Each game has its set of bonus rules.

· Bonuses:

Casino game bonus

Traditional or land-based casino usually save bonuses for top players and completely different from bonuses rules associated with live casino online. People usually like live casino options where lots of welcome bonuses and dozens of offers wait for them. No deposit bonus also attracts players towards online form of casino. However, players may have to deal with some restrictions associated with money withdrawal.

· Convenience:

Play live casino in real time

Players can play live casino in real time with real life dealers and it is convenient option. You can expect higher pay-out here. You can play in a real atmosphere with real players. It can make your experience better and more fun. You can find best player to play with. You can chat with live dealers and make your experience better. It will make you feel like playing in real casino. Traditional casinos allow you to take trial or play with real money. You can play traditional games.

· Fun:

Play casino games for fun

If we talk about the fun factor, then both options can be good. Traditional or land-based casinos can provide much entertainment like celebrity parties, music, shows and live events. It would be good for those who really want to be the part of such entertainment activities. You may enjoy the ambiance and have fun with others. Apart from it, traditional casinos also offer some other perks like free show tickets, free buffets and free accommodations to attract new customers. New members can also get free slot play coupons and free bets. If you are not living in gaming towns, then it will be difficult for you to enjoy the betting. It can also be fun and you can enjoy lots of games.

· Distractions:

In traditional casino, players may have to face many distractions like loud music, people chatting around you, players, dealers and more. But in live casino online, you can avoid distractions and enjoy your privacy while playing games. You can visit to enhance your experience and know more about perks of online casino.


Well, both have certain pros and cons. You can get comfort and privacy in live casino online, but you cannot expect social interaction and ambience from it. You can also enjoy the perks of rewards and promotional bonus when it comes to live online casino. It is more popular than traditional casino. You can access live casino online 24/7 and need not to worry about accommodation and travel expense.

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