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Sochaux VS Chambly FC

Match Time: 3/14/2020 03:00 Saturday(GMT+8)

Sochaux: Many experiences ( Recent Form: W L D D L )

Sochaux is not a name that is highly appreciated in Ligue 2. Last year, their achievements were very precarious, struggling forever to stay with this playground. This year, things have not got any better signs than this. Currently, after 28 rounds, Sochaux has 34 points and is currently ranked 14th in the rankings. Their immediate goal is to get into the top 10. A one-point gap with the top 10 allows Sochaux to expect that. The problem now is that Sochaux must defeat Chambly. If you make a comparison, Sochaux has a pretty similar team. Both teams rely on the collective play as the main reason, but no stars are too outstanding. With Sochaux, their defense seemed better than attacking. The proof is that after 28 rounds, this team scored 28 goals and conceded 30 times. If it can improve the finishing, Sochaux will gain a better position. But this is not easy when their strikers are quite weak. Not only that, Sochaux's performance over the past time was very bad. In the last 10 matches, they only won 1 time, the rest were 4 draws and 5 defeats.

Chambly: Need three points ( Recent Form: L D W W D )

As mentioned above, Chambly is a rookie in Ligue 2. Not many people dare to give their faith in this season. In fact, the goal of this team is simply to stay in this playground. However, up to now, Chambly is doing very well. After 28 appearances, they have 35 points and temporarily ranked 10th in the rankings. If he wants to maintain a foothold in the top 10, Chambly needs to gain points in the next round because the gap with the teams behind is insignificant. Chambly is not a very good attacking team. Their strikers play simple, easily caught by the opponent. Without the stability of the defense system, Chambly would probably not have had a good position like this. Since the beginning of the season, this team has scored 26 goals and conceded 32 times. In addition, the performance of Chambly last time better than the opponent. In the last 10 matches, they won 4, drew 3 and lost 3.


After all, Sochaux vs Chambly entered the 29th match in Ligue 2 with great determination. Both teams hope to win to get a good position in the top 10. In terms of strength, they are not much difference, the opportunity to get 3 points is divided equally for both sides. However, the homeowners are still respectfully placed in the upper door thanks to playing at home, have more experience at this playground. Meanwhile, the visitors are just a rookie who first surrendered, not paying much attention. This is Sochaux vs Chambly's second confrontation with each other. In the previous encounter, they accepted to divide the score with a score of 0-0. That made their upcoming battle even more dramatic. Recent matches of both teams have had 2 or more goals.

Sochaux VS Chambly FC

O/U Pick: Over 1.75 goals

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