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Top 6 Fun Facts to Know About Horse Racing Online

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Do you like horse racing? Then, you need to know that you can now try your luck in online horse racing that offers you a chance to make big money with ease. But, finding the best platform like can only offer you the best experience. While the game has some of the interesting rules, it also has several fun facts. Want to know some fun facts about horse racing? 

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Unlike other games, equine races treat men and women jockeys alike. So, they have the chance to compete against each other. It is different from other popular sports that have separate teams for men and women. Such equality also exists when you wish to bet on the horse racing as offers a sophisticated platform to involve in betting with ease.

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Horses are the fastest when they participate in a race. The fastest horse can sprint at an astonishing 43.97 mph (70.76 km/h). This speed by the horse named Winning Brew has managed to enter The Guinness World Record.

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Do you know that thoroughbred horses rule the racing? But, before a thoroughbred horse participates in a race they need to follow some rules. The important one is that the participating horse needs a purebred mother and father (dam and a sire). An interesting fact is, you can trace the origin of the modern thoroughbred horses back to three stallions imported to England from the Middle East.

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Many speculations surround the origin of horse racing. You might think the horse racing existed thousands of years back. But, evidence suggests it dated back to ancient Greeks. The evidence uncovered on the pottery discovered in Greece indicates depictions of chariot races in drawings. The drawings also show the competitive nature of horse racing even in older times. So, we can safely say they are one of the oldest racing sports. You will get the same thrill and excitement when you bet on online horse races offered by

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One of the interesting and peculiar facts in the world of horse racing is the two birthdays of the horses. They have 1st January and 1st August as their assigned birthdays. While January is assigned for racehorses on the northern hemisphere while horses in the Southern hemisphere have August 1st. The horses can participate in racing based on maturity, which is measured in years.

Two types of racing exist. One is flat racing that does not include any barriers or obstacles for the horses to complete. The other type is Steeplechase that includes ditching obstacles and jumping over the fence. The second type is also known as National Hunt Racing. You should know all about these facts as it can be quite important and useful.

Such fascinating information may have captured your interest. Do you wish to try your luck in horse race betting online? Then, you need to access a trusted site like, which is specifically designed to offer the best experience to the players. With a secure and innovative platform, you can indulge in betting with ease. You get the best customer services and have an interesting time.

You should follow some useful tips while playing online casino or trying your luck in live casinos. You can find useful tips by visiting You can find many games and tips to play them wisely here. Right and adequate knowledge and information about horse racing can make the things easier, so go for the right platform.

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