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Latest Slot Game Trends of the Year 2020

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Slot machines are great companion for making money just by simply putting a coin in a gaming machine slot, pulling a handle that will activate the wheel with spinning symbols on its surface, and whatever the final alignment of symbols printed on the wheel will determines reward the player gets.

The trends for future slot gaming is a turn away from these mechanical vending machines into the digital realm. Online slot games at, Singapore is best option for online betting that provides a player with exhaustive options for online slots; players with varying complexity and skill can enjoy slot gaming of variety such as table games, poker games and live casino games.

Innovative and pioneering slot games are the demand for the new age casino players, considering this let’s look at some of the latest slot game Trends of the Year 2020:

Friendly Customer service

1. Quick and friendly customer service: Gaming in 2020 will move towards a great consumer experience, the online player on can get live assistance for all ends from creating an account, making a bet to managing funds and so on.

2. Combining sports betting and online slots: New trend is to combine sports betting into the slots machine, as sportsbooksat and sports betting are trending at, sports wagering is included in slots improving their functionality. Without leaving the slot machine you can remain connected with the game you have just bet upon and on the same spot.

Digital payments

3. Making digital payment possible: Casinos are fast replacing cash and allowing players to make payments using smartphones by first creating an online account and paying just like you do for online shopping.

4. Integrating social media sharing options: Players can live stream their slot machines or tables gameplay via their social media accounts and share news of their win with friends and families.

5. Newsletters via SMS: Newsletters via SMS and gifts like matching bonuses are offered through internet.

6. Themed gambling: Casinos offer themes from popular culture, cinema and themes based on travel and tourism options. Themes can be from popular movies like Titanic or Jurassic Park. Adventure and Humour themes are also a new trend to give a modern look to slot machines and games.

Spin Slots

7. Reel-spinning slots in decline: Slots used to have three or five reels as standard, each having thee symbols on it. A new variety of slot machine, where slot players pay on a cluster of symbols rather than regular winlines; such games look and feel more and more similar to arcade games.

8. Virtual Reality: VR has paved its way in online slot games. With improvement in technology, VR is becoming easier to use and required hardware also requires lesser investment, in other words VR is quickly becoming mainstream. The player putting on VR hardware can login and get within a complete virtual casino where they interact with other slot player’s digital avatars and play games without leaving their living room.


9. Gamification: with Gamification you have levels inbuilt in slots, as you play for longer intervals, the scenarios and bonus features available keep changing. To make gamification even appealing, players can now participate in leaderships and tournaments. They can earn cash, bonus reward and other wins depending upon their performance on the scoreboard.

When the players compete for these bonus rewards, the casinos benefit from this extra engagement, since the players would stick around the casino for longer duration.

10. Skills: Another aspect to make games interactive is to add skill-based factors to slot gaming, the idea is to make decision making part of the play, the player is asked to make decisions and take actions in response to various scenarios in the game, and whatever choices the player would make influences the game performance.

11. Extra bonuses: Bonuses are offered to get attention of new players, to bring them in and to keep them engaged. Matching deposits are also offered now.

Slot games free spins

12. Free spins: Free spins or free play, gives player an opportunity to pull lever and take chance a victory for free.

The trends in slot gaming are towards user-friendly games with interactivity, themes, Gamification and integration with social media. Inclusion of sports betting with slot games would be aimed to keep players hooked. Continuous improvement of technologies in display, electronics and VR would keep a shift towards digital; all supported by great online customer support players can get at

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