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126Asia constantly strives to provide our customers with the very best in online entertainment. We recognize gaming as a form of entertainment and in that logic, we seek to provide satisfaction and entertainment to all our customers in a positive way.

126Asia seeks to achieve this by placing safeguards to promote and ensure responsible gaming.

We highly encourage all our customers to identify their degree of problem gambling risk through the assessment of the checklist as shown below:

  • Do you ever lose time from work due to gambling?

  • Has gambling ever made your home life unhappy?

  • Did gambling affect your reputation?

  • Do you gamble until all your money is gone?

  • Do you gamble until all your money is gone?

If the majority of the responses are "yes," there may be a problem with gambling. We suggest that you:

  • Gamble as a form of leisure.

  • Avoid chasing losses

  • Gamble only within your means

Our top aim is giving all of our Players the greatest possible online casino gaming experience. Both our efforts and each Player's appropriate gaming behavior are necessary for that to happen.

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